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Our coworking community has provided positive feedback on our experiment over the last few events to include dedicated Speaking Slots in addition to our regular Business Challenges/Solutions sessions.

We've decided to open this not only to invited speakers, but to anyone else who'd like to contribute to our next few events:

Belfast 22 February 2016 – Theme: Sales (Now Over)
(Thinking Cup Cafe, Lisburn Road)

Craigavon 22 March 2016 – Theme: Creativity (pitching now closed)
(joint event with Bleary Business and Community Centre, Craigavon) 

There is no need to be a professional speaker; there are multiple ways to get involved without having to present (demo, panel, interview). We're all learning from each other. :)

Please complete this short pitching entry by Tuesday 28 February 2016 to let us know how you'd like to get involved, following which we will select a shortlist of speakers.
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Telephone number? *

***** Pitching is now closed for both events. *****

I want to speak on this date: *

Which type of slot would you like to contribute? *

Tell us what specific topic you'd like to speak about, within either the Sales or Creativity theme you've selected.

Sales suggestions: How to Get Them; Sales Process/How to Manage Them; How to Get Paid on Time

Creativity suggestions: How to Be Creative; How to Manage Creativity/Creative People; Sharing Your Successes; Making Money out of Creativity

... or *anything* else you think is relevant to the theme

The topic I'd like to speak about is: *

Please note, you can provide us with the actual title later if you don't quite have it worked out yet.
Copy/paste a description of your talk. Please note this can be very short, simply to let us know what you have in mind. If selected, we will need your official description very soon. *

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